Manage Your Own Remodeling Project –To Your Comfort Level

How is the Managed Renovations Process Different?

We’ve found that people want more control over their building and remodeling projects—without the responsibility of knowing all the building industry ins and outs—and this is possible through Managed Renovations.

Managed Renovations provides our clients with professional construction management services in the Chevy Chase, Bethesda, and Washington DC areas. We empower our clients to act as their own general contractor in fact, but not function. Instead Managed Renovations connects clients with qualified, experienced, licensed, and insured subcontractors and tradesmen with the knowledge, ability, and resources to renovate and/or add new space to their home (or even to build a new home). We create the contractual agreements between the client and subcontractors/tradesmen which include job-specific statements of work, payment milestones, etc.

You can take charge of certain aspects of your building project to your own comfort level. We manage the actual construction process while you choose your own level of involvement in the selection, purchasing, and scheduling of the allowance materials that will be used in your project. Whether you want to stay in contact frequently, or just check in occasionally, we have a polished process for bringing your new spaces to life.

  • Managing your materials allowances saves money on our building services fees and gives you more control over your project. Unlike clients signed up with a GC, who may have no control over the actual cost for change orders, we provide our clients with full transparency of the direct costs for both required or requested change orders.
  • To save you money, our building services fee for managing the tasks and materials needed to build your project are significantly lower than what a typical GC would charge. For a typical fixed price contract, a GC includes substantial overhead fees and profit margins that are not transparent to the homeowners, but that increase the cost of the project. Be assured that although we save you money through our construction management, we never cut corners on the project!
  • Getting an excellent result for your home is our top priority, so you can have confidence in our quality workmanship. Through the entire construction process from beginning to completion, we schedule/manage/inspect it ourselves, ensuring it is built to our high standards. This way, you do not need to have oversight on your project’s execution: we put our industry expertise to work, making sure your home is completed the way it should be.

Key Ways That Our Construction Management Process Differs From General Contractors & Traditional Design/Build Firms.

  • We arrange a predictable payment schedule that requires less money up front. Rather than paying a GC 25% to 30% of the total cost up front at contract signing, you pay subcontractors and tradesmen when they start work, and as they complete construction milestones.
  • We’ve established years-long relationships with reliable, high quality subcontractors: we can save you 10-20% or more on labor because our building services fee structure for managing those contracted fixed-price services are significantly lower than the mark-up that a traditional general contractor will charge.
  • We have cost-effective wholesale sources for all the materials used in your project (building supplies and allowance materials like fixtures, appliances, cabinets, tile, etc.), so we can save you 5-10% or more on materials!
  • Keep in touch with us and stay involved in the building process from anywhere using our convenient, Cloud-based, project management software.
  • We make sure your subcontractors stay on schedule, keep within your budget, and that their work is high quality.
  • You have the control over whether you want to change out a subcontractor; they are contracted directly to you, and in the unlikely event that you’re not happy with them, you can terminate that subcontractor and select a different one. This is a benefit that is typically not available when working with a general contractor.

I hope you’ll contact me, Michael Shannon, if you have any questions about our services in the Chevy Chase, Bethesda, and Washington DC service areas. Contact Managed Renovations today if you want to get started on a kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel, renovation, addition, and any other substantial renovation project!

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