Kitchen Remodeling To Save Your Sanity

by | Apr 6, 2020



Before-and-after of a kitchen remodel we recently completed in Northwest D.C.

You’re ready to build that kitchen you’ve been dreaming of for years. You know the faucets you want, which appliances will match your décor and the cabinets that will bring it all together.

You’re excited to get that dream kitchen. But maybe you’re just a little scared, too. We’ve all heard the horror stories about remodeling projects that end in disaster and you don’t want that to happen to you.

Here are 8 tips to prepare for and survive your kitchen remodel.

1. Hire a qualified, professional kitchen remodeler

This is the most important part of your remodeling project. Nothing matters more than having the right partner for your remodel. Those dream appliances and cabinets won’t matter if they’re not installed right. A qualified remodeler will help you make the best choices for your space, get ready for your remodel and remove as much of the pain as possible from your kitchen project.

2. Have your plans done and decisions made

While there may be surprises, try to have all major decisions made by the time the project starts. Changing product choices or delaying selections will only lead to delays during the project.

3. Prepare a temporary kitchen and eating area

Depending on the scale of your remodel, you’re going to lose access to your kitchen for days, weeks, or months. Find an area in your house that can be a temporary space for preparing meals. At the minimum, that probably means a small refrigerator, water source, microwave, and other small appliances. You’ll also want a table or temporary countertop that can serve as a meal prep area. If you eat most of your meals in the kitchen, think about where you’ll eat during this time.

4. Plan easy meals 

With that temporary space in mind, it’s good to plan around meals that can be prepared without cooking or with small appliances. It’s also a good time to grill out and cook those meals outside. Along those same lines, save yourself some stress by buying disposable plates, cutlery, and cups to use for at least some meals.

5. Prepare for takeout

Add some money to the budget for takeout meals. There will probably be plenty of times your family will be ready for a break from the simple home meals (especially if this is a longer project). It’s not a bad idea to stock up on Groupons or other discount deals ahead of the remodel.

6. Pack up and simplify

Ahead of the remodel, you’ll want to pack up the dishes and cooking gear you don’t think you’ll be using during the project. It’s also a good opportunity to simplify your life by donating any items you don’t use anymore. Remove pictures and other breakable items from the kitchen and adjacent spaces to be sure they don’t get damaged during the project.

7. Prepare your pets

Cats and dogs don’t like change. If they normally eat in the kitchen, move their bowls to another part of the house several days before the project starts to get them used to the change. If the space being remodeled can’t be sealed off from the rest of the home, you’ll want to lock them up in a room to keep them out of the way of workers.

8. Breathe

Remember to relax and accept that there will be some disruption to your life. But also remember that when you’re done, you’re going to have a beautiful new kitchen.

Ready to build that dream kitchen with a qualified, professional remodeler? Master Renovations is here to guide you through your kitchen remodel or any remodeling project you need. Contact us today to discuss your remodeling needs!