How to Remodel A Kitchen with Less Cost and Fewer Headaches

by | Mar 24, 2021


Managed Renovations offers an alternative approach to remodeling your kitchen through our process of construction management. It’s why we say our system is “The Better Way to Build” with Less Cost, Less Risk, and More Control. We connect clients with qualified, experienced, licensed, and insured subcontractors and tradesmen with the knowledge, ability, and resources to renovate and/or add new space to their home.

This project was a perfect fit for our construction management system, as the Bethesda homeowner had some specific trade contractors with whom he had worked before that he wanted to have involved in this remodel as well. What was attractive to him is that we were able to vet those particular trades and then go ahead and schedule and manage them through the project.

He liked the results he’d had with them in individual applications previously but didn’t want to take the responsibility of trying to take on all the challenges of scheduling, managing, and reviewing all the interrelated work required for this complicated project.

For this home, the goal was to remodel and update the kitchen and surrounding rooms. The kitchen received the most attention, including all new appliances and countertops; new shiplap-style PVC paneling on the ceilings; refinished hardwood floors;  and new paint.

One of the most interesting aspects of this project was the unique approach to the cabinetry. Instead of replacing the cabinets, we were able to work with the homeowner and a local refinishing shop to strip and refinish all of the cabinetry. This saved the homeowner thousands of dollars.

The kitchen’s existing cabinet doors and drawer panels were all removed – with hardware removed and holes repaired. They were then sent out to a professional cabinetry finishing paint shop and repainted with a high-quality lacquer finish. The remaining existing base and wall cabinet “boxes” were professionally and painstakingly taped off and the whole kitchen area itself walled off with plastic sheeting to essentially transform the kitchen into a spray paint finishing room where the boxes were prepped and repainted with the same high-quality lacquer finish that was applied to the doors and drawer panels.

The adjacent eat-in area and family room were also remodeled with the same PVC paneling for the ceilings, refinished hardwood floors and new wall, ceiling, and trim paint. The improvements tie the whole area together. We also added an extensive amount of millwork detail by installing full-height wainscotting trim on one wall of the dining room, and then added wallpaper to the remaining walls, for a spectacular transformation.

The first-floor powder room was also renovated, replacing all of the fixtures and refinishing the walls with new paint and millwork. The entire main floor of the house got new lighting, replacing the original 6-inch diameter recessed “can” incandescent lights with new 4-inch diameter low profile LED recessed lights, which offer energy savings and a longer life.

Additionally, the old and unattractive drop-down style fire suppression water sprinklers were replaced with inconspicuous recessed pop-out style fire suppression sprinkler heads. And finally, the garage floor was refinished with a professionally applied epoxy finish.

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