Improve Your Bath with a Custom Shower

by | May 12, 2020


May is National Remodeling Month and all month long we’re taking a look at how you can improve your bathroom. In this post, we’ll talk about a new custom shower can help take your bathroom to the next level!

Working with a professional, qualified remodeler is the best way to make sure you get a custom shower that really shines. These are just a few of the ways you can improve your bathroom.

Curbless showers

One popular change move is to entirely remove the tub and replace it with a high-end, curbless shower. Most showers, even those without tubs, require you to step “up and in” to the shower. A curbless shower eliminates that step, bringing the shower entrance flush with the floor of the bathroom.

This offers benefits both aesthetic and functional. Curbless showers can give your bathroom an open, more modern look. For homeowners or guests with limited mobility, they are easier to use. This is especially important as we see more multi-generational homes and plan for aging in place. Fewer corners and crevices to deal with can also make cleaning easier.

An important note: Be sure to work with a qualified remodeler to get your properly designed curbless shower. Several factors need to be considered, including the slope/drainage of the floor and proper placement of showerheads to ensure water doesn’t splash or flow outside the shower area. You can also get creative with drainage by using decorative tile, metal or even wood features that hide the drains.

Frameless glass showers

One alternative to an open or doorless shower is a frameless shower. A frameless, glass enclosure can help keep water and heat in, but still give you that open look by eliminating the traditional aluminum framing support.

Luxury showerheads

Installing more than one fixture in your shower can help lend that luxury feeling to your bathroom. These showerheads can be fixed or handheld to give you more water and an upscale appearance. (A handheld showerhead can also give you the added benefit of making it easier to wash a pet if that’s a need.)

Another frequent choice is pairing one or more fixtures with a rain shower. A rain shower is just like the name implies: it is designed to give you the feel of standing outside in the rain. They are much larger than traditional showerheads, providing significantly more coverage. They are available in multi-function models as well to allow you to concentrate more pressure in a smaller spray if the need arises.

Body sprays

Body sprays are another popular option. These are wall-mounted jets that deliver water directly to the body. They are great for massaging sore muscles or other aches and pains. It’s important they be placed properly to maximize pressure and utility. The goal should be to provide coverage for the whole body, with the installation of multiple sprays.

There’s no right answer for every home – it’s all about finding the solution that works for you and your family. Contact Managed Renovations today to find your bathroom solution!