Home Improvement Ideas for Aging in Place Without Sacrificing Style

by | Dec 14, 2022

With just a couple of home improvement ideas for aging in place, you can spend your golden years right there. These simple renovations will make your home much easier to spend time in and move through. Best of all, you can make these changes without sacrificing the style of your home. Furthermore, it might even be a chance to redecorate it and bring even more style to it. Let’s see which improvement ideas will make the biggest difference.

Ramps and stairlifts are a good solution

A ramp can make it easier to move around your home. However, this item won’t sacrifice the style. You can easily decorate the railing to match the rest of your house. You can install a ramp outside so that getting in your home is easier. You can install small ramps inside your home to get over the door sill. Larger ramps can also work for a couple of stairs inside your home. However, a stair lift is a way to go if you want easy access to your home’s upper floors. This will make it much easier to move around your home without needing help.

Home improvement ideas for aging in place you can make in the bathroom

A couple of small changes can make your bathroom easier to use and add even more style to it. It all depends on how big of a change you want to make. A walk-in shower is one of the best things you can include in your bathroom. It will be easier to get in when there aren’t any obstacles. This will make the bathroom feel more prominent and spacious. You can add a chair inside the shower quickly, making it even more comfortable. A hand railing in the shower is also a good solution that will make it much easier to use daily. If needed, you can install a raised toilet seat, too. This small change will make your life easier but will not ruin the room’s overall style.

a bathroom with a walk-in shower

A walk-in shower is one of the best home improvement ideas for aging in place you can add

Reorganize your home

Make the things you use every day easily accessible by putting them on the bottom shelves and in the bottom drawers. You can use this opportunity to declutter your home and eliminate unnecessary things. You might even be able to pay off some of the renovations with a garage sale. You can keep your things safe with a mobile storage unit when renovating your home. With this little trick, you can rest assured knowing that your items won’t get damaged or misplaced during the renovations. Once they are done, you can take everything out of storage and organize it properly. With the help of friends, family, or professionals, you can reorganize your home fast and easily. This easy solution will make your life easier and your home more organized. If you have enough space, you can put everything you need on the first floor instead of going upstairs.

Use modern technology

Now’s the time to add smart technology to your home if you haven’t already. A smart home is effortless to use. You can input voice-activated commands in your home or purchase a remote. This can simplify everyday tasks such as opening the blinds or turning the lights. Make sure you have access to a phone in every room so that you can contact someone quickly in any emergency. You can also improve the security of your home with cameras.

grandmother and granddaughter looking at a phone

Improve your home with technology

Improve the lighting in your home

You will have no trouble moving through your home when it’s bright. A well-lit home will not just make it easier to access every room in your home, but it will improve its overall look. You can choose LED lights, which will last for a long time. As a result, you won’t have to climb a ladder or a chair to change it as frequently. This is especially important when it comes to home improvement ideas for aging in place. You will reduce the risk of falling when you don’t have to change the light bulbs. You will keep yourself and your back safe.

Redecorate your home

This seemingly unimportant tip can make all the difference in maintaining your home. If you have any small decorations lying around your home, switch them for a simple, large décor item. It will make it much easier to clean your home. Best of all, this is the chance to change things up a little bit. You can add style and personality easily through minimalistic decorations. Your home will more easily stay clean, and upkeep will be as quick as possible without so many things that collect dust.

a simple living room decorated in a minimalistic style

Make your home safe to use by minimizing the tripping hazards

Change the flooring in your home

The best way to prevent falls is to renovate the flooring in your home. When you choose materials that aren’t slippery, you minimize the risk of injury in your home. If you have carpets, it might be a good idea to put them away in storage. These can be very dangerous, as anyone can slip on them and fall. Another advantage is that your home will be easier to maintain and clean without carpets. Carpets collect a lot of dust and need a lot of time and effort to be kept spotless. Good flooring, followed by non-slip mats in the bathrooms, are all you will need to make a massive difference in your home.

To sum up

As we can see, creating a comfortable and safe home can be easy. With our home improvement ideas for aging in place, you will transform your home. It will become a space you will enjoy spending time in without worrying. Last but not least, you might bring a new style or a design into your home along with these changes.