Maryland Custom Built Homes with Less Cost, Less Risk, and More Control for you

Our unique Residential Construction Management Process provides you with a Better Way To Build your custom house in Maryland.

Custom Houses

Managed Renovations is an excellent choice for building a new home, delivering expert knowledge and efficiency along with modern custom home building construction processes. Our goal is to deliver not only a house built to your exacting specifications but to tailor the process to your needs while empowering you to be more involved in your project. That is our Construction Management Process in a nutshell.

Why Build A Custom Home

There can be many reasons you want a custom-built house. Here are a few of the most popular reasons:

  • You want a specific view
  • You want to be close to or away from more populated areas
  • You want a specific style of home
  • You want certain amenities you can’t find in a home already built
Custom Home Building

What To Consider

Once you decide why you really want to build, consider what that brings into the equation.

If you are building in a development, you can feel secure that zoning, availability of utilities, and property access won’t be an issue. You may, however, be limited on construction options, home placement on your lot, and lots still available.

If you are building on a stand-alone lot, you have full control of the location, the natural amenities you desire, and the design of your custom-built home. You will also have control over how you position your home to take advantage of the natural amenities, like next to a stream or to get the best view. However, building on a stand-alone lot can bring it’s own issues. Problems like hooking up utilities and land development.

Design your dream home!

At Managed Renovations, your design dreams are our commands! We’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get your perfect home. We specialize in custom construction and our unique process provides the services you need and the level of control you want.

At Managed Renovations we can custom build your brand-new home using our unique building process. Contact us for custom homes in the Chevy Chase, Bethesda, and Washington DC area.

The Better Way To Build

Our unique Managed Renovations residential construction management process has less cost, less risk, and more control, and this is why Managed Renovations is the better way to build!