7 Ideas for Your Finished Basement

by | Jun 20, 2020

Bedroom added to basement

Earlier this month, we wrote about the pros and cons of adding on to your house. Love it or list it: Is it time for an addition?

But there’s another great way to get more room in your home without adding on. Your basement can be a solution to your space needs by converting your underutilized lower level into a finished space.

Managed Renovations is ready to help guide you through getting your new basement. These are some of the top trends we’re seeing in finished lower levels, but we can help you get the custom space you want, that meets your needs.

Guest Suite/Bedroom

Putting a bedroom and separate full bath in the basement offers a space with plenty of privacy. This can be great for a guest suite, especially if you have family or friends that come for extended visits. When the in-laws come for the holidays, that extra separation can be a big boon for family harmony.

This suite can be as simple as a bedroom and bath, or include features like a sitting/lounge area or a wet bar, depending on your budget.

Conversely, a basement is also a good space to put a bedroom for one of your family members who needs a little more privacy, such as a teenager. They get space, you get a little peace and quiet. It’s an even better solution for an older child commuting to college or working that first job.

Be advised that per national building codes for safety creating a new “bedroom space” does mean that the room must have an egressible exit window or door to the outside (which in a basement will often require an appropriate outdoor window or door well to be installed as part of the project).

Home theater added to basement

Home Theater

There are dozens of ways to design your home theater or media room. Some comfy couches, a big screen TV and sound system can get the job done, but the real movie enthusiast can opt for a separate room with projection system, theater-style chairs and surround sound.

An open TV space, on the other hand, offers plenty of advantages, including a lower price tag and greater utility. If you don’t spend a lot of time watching movies or TV, it makes sense to spend the money somewhere else. Working with your remodeler and designer will help you find the best solution.

Play Room/Game Room

If you’ve got kids, you know their ability to make a mess knows no bounds. A comfortable space in the basement is a great way to keep some that clutter out of site. A tile floor with area rugs will make it easier to clean up the space.

As children enter their middle school or high school years, the space can be converted to a game room, making space for pool tables, air hockey, foosball – whatever your family is interested in.

Children’s Nook

If there’s not enough space to give the kids their own room, why not get creative with the space under the staircase? That little area can be perfect for their own little hiding space. Add a bean bag chair, maybe a small table or lamp and make it a comfy hideaway.

Basement remodeling - Rec Room

Wet Bar/Kitchen

As long as there have been finished basements, there have been basement bars. It’s great if you like to host parties or just have some friends over while watching football. Adding kitchen amenities like a microwave, refrigerator and sink enhances the convenience.

Home Office

With people working at home more than ever these days, finding a permanent space is a must. A separate room that offers a little privacy for your Zoom meetings is best. A basement office also helps you associate the office with “work” and separate it from your home life. Many studies have shown that natural light enhances productivity, so try to locate it in a room or part of the basement with windows.


Maybe you find yourself working out at home now because of the pandemic, but even as things are opening back up, a home gym has some advantages. Most notably, you’re not paying the monthly fees anymore, instead investing in your home. Want to go high-end? Consider adding spa-like features, such as a sauna or steam shower.

Ready to work on upgrading and getting better use out of your basement? Managed Renovations is here to help you have the home you want – with Less Cost, Less Risk and More Control. Contact us today to discuss your remodeling needs!