6 Home Improvement Projects with the Best ROI

by | Apr 13, 2023

Wanting to improve your home is only natural, but it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’re here to help with our list of six home improvement projects with the best ROI.

Put some effort into touching up your yard

The first of the home improvement projects with the best ROI we recommend is yard remodeling. There are several separate things you can do for this project. First, of course, is starting a nice garden area. You have the choice between making it useful by planting veggies, maybe even fruits, or just setting up a pretty flower garden. Both are good choices, but you should remember to use perennial flowers if you are doing this to sell your home better. Wilted flowers during a house viewing are just sad! The second thing you should consider is setting up an outdoor area in your yard. You can, but don’t have to, commit to a full-on building project and add a gazebo, deck, or similar. Even just buying a nice outdoor desk and chairs goes a long way. And it’s much cheaper to boot!

purple flowers in a garden

Beautiful flowers always put people in a good mood

Make the most of your attic or basement that sits unused

Attic or basement renovations are among the home improvement projects with the best ROI. They are always a profit, even if you are planning to sell your home immediately. This is because they add a ton of functionality and appeal to a room that’s otherwise mostly useless and neglected. We recommend a bedroom if you are renovating an attic and something like a gaming or relaxation area for a basement. The reverse rarely works due to noise generated by a gaming room overhead and the frequently adverse conditions of a basement area that are still relatively easily ignored if you don’t need to sleep there. Still, other variations can work if you want a unique room. Of course, if you are looking to transform a room previously used for storage, then we recommend looking into renovation storage and packing tips to clear out all the stuff from it properly!

An attic room with furniture

An attic room can look nice and fancy.

Consider renovating your floors

Many people forget to consider their floors when planning renovations, much to their detriment. Floors can very easily turn your home’s entire image around. Not to mention make it easier to maintain and clean it! A good example of this is replacing carpets with hardwood flooring. Carpets are hard to maintain and very easily get worked out, and you’d have more luck keeping your littlest kids clean than your carpets.

On the other hand, hardwood floors look amazing, providing your home with that classy look. They are extremely easy to clean and last for a long time. You can rarely go wrong with a hardwood floor, even if it’s not the cheapest to install initially. Finally, do remember to look into storage services in your area for a good option during renovating since replacing flooring will force you to empty the rooms affected.

dark hardwood floor

Hardwood floors are an amazing choice for familiar with children.

Bring new life to your kitchen

If there’s one room that gets quickly worn down in your home, it’s your kitchen. The reason for that is simple: cooking. No matter how tasty the results are, cooking is essentially the process of burning something only a little. This naturally produces fumes, oil spills, and all other sorts of nasty stuff that you need to clean up. However, even if you clean it up, traces remain and can blacken your walls or make them look all greasy, not to mention that kitchen appliances are among the most frequently used and need replacing faster. And that’s if your kitchen is not already considered outdated! Still, the good news is that a modern, pretty kitchen adds amazing value to a home. And your investment will always yield positive results when it comes to kitchen improvement projects.

Eliminate all energy inefficiencies in your home

Another of the home projects with the best ROI is making sure your home is properly insulated and protected from drafts. There are two different parts to this project, and both are equally important. First is simply installing insulation in your home. It’s straightforward, although it is best you hire someone for it. The second part is eliminating all drafts, and you have two options to do it. First, you can use a caulking gun to close any gaps in your window and door frames that are letting air through. Second, you can simply replace your old doors and windows entirely! It is admittedly more expensive, but if your windows and doors are in bad condition, the second option is by far the superior choice. And it will always boost the value of your home. And that’s on top of making it cheaper to use climate control in it.

Give your home a nicer overall polish

The final of the home improvement projects with the best ROI is working on your home’s aesthetics. While this may sound a bit nebulous, it is actually just a practical approach to home improvement. We are talking about things such as adding a fresh layer of paint to your home, having it pressure washed, cleaning and getting rid of items you no longer want, etc. A large part of a home’s value lies in its appearance. Even if a home is in perfect condition, it may draw less interest and be valued less than a worse home that just looks pretty. And these simple, small projects will ensure your home looks better than ever! Most of these can be done as DIY projects. But, if you find the best remodeling contractor, you can get it all done even faster.

Picking from the home improvement projects with the best ROI

Even if you are now familiar with all six home improvement projects with the best ROI, we recommend you don’t rush. You can, of course, put all of them in practice. It’s just better not to do it all at once! Straining your finances, no matter how profitable these renovations are, can have negative effects on your family. So, take your time and do these projects when you are sure you can afford them one by one!