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“ Michael Shannon and Managed Renovations helped us to completely remodel our home. We essentially remodeled the entire first floor (including removing walls to effect a dramatic change in the space and installing a completely new kitchen), and most of the second floor, including master and hall bathrooms, master and second bedroom walk-in closets, windows, and a second HVAC zone. It was an amazing transformation (particularly the eat-in kitchen) that changed the whole flow and function of our home!

Michael introduced us to great subcontractors. He then scheduled and supervised the subcontractors from start-to-finish. While we were officially the general contractors, Michael handled all the supervision and other details — all we had to do was pick out our finishes, fixtures, and appliances for the job (he told us what was needed and when) and make other design decisions (which Michael teed up for us)!

Michael advised us on the proper milestones to set for the subcontractors, and then he made sure that the subcontractors’ work was completed as promised and reviewed and approved it before we wrote any checks to pay per the contract milestones. Perhaps the best part — at the start we set a very favorable timetable and budget; with Michael’s substantial efforts, it came in on time, on budget, and the final product is beautiful. We couldn’t be happier with the Managed Renovations process and results.

Having complete transparency on the actual direct costs of the work done, we know that we saved tens of thousands of dollars vs. hiring a general contractor for a fixed price! We very highly recommend Managed Renovations and their approach to helping their clients to remodel. They really did provide a better way to build!”

— Siobhan and Charles A.
Chevy Chase, MD

“ I wish to highly recommend Michael Shannon, and his company, Managed Renovations, to anyone considering a home renovation or construction of a new home. We engaged Mr. Shannon to provide preliminary construction advice and then to act as our construction management consultant so that we could effectively act as our own general contractor for the actual construction of our new home in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He was involved in every aspect of the project from reviewing preliminary plans and final permit drawings, to preparing an extremely detailed estimate of construction costs, to recommending skilled and very capable trade contractors for all of the required job tasks and then scheduling and supervising the contractors that we hired to do the actual construction of the house.

He coordinated and oversaw all aspects of this project in a very efficient and timely manner. His interaction with our contractors, architect, engineers, county agencies, and utilities was exemplary. He was able to schedule and coordinate seamlessly the work of the myriad suppliers, construction trades, county inspectors etc. that all are necessary for a fast, efficient and satisfactory construction project with nary a hitch.

I cannot overstate his diligence, attention to detail, and his determination to help us build the house of our dreams. His creative suggestions, integrity and willingness to ‘sweat the details’ was utterly beyond reproach. Finally, by enabling us to act as our own general contractor for our project, Managed Renovations did indeed allow us to build our new home for less cost, less risk, and with more control (just like Mr. Shannon told us he would help us do)!

In a word, Mr. Shannon and Managed Renovations are the best.”

— Mark and Sharon D.
Chevy Chase, MD

“ We are three months into a major renovation project at our 1950s split-level in Garrett Park Estates, Maryland. The hardest part of the whole project was finding someone to guide us through it. Once we found Michael Shannon and Natalie Grande of Managed Renovations, the rest has been surprisingly painless and even enjoyable!

We began the project wanting to create a master bedroom suite — adding a walk-in closet and master bath plus a sitting area to our master bedroom. We then decided to bring the rest of our house into the 21st century by (1) redoing the exterior — adding a front porch and walkway, new roof, siding, painting, etc., (2) doing infrastructure upgrades — insulation, conditioned attic space, new HVAC system, and tankless hot water heater, and (3) making it more contemporary throughout — new hardwood floors, new trim, some new lighting, and new stair rail system.

Three months later, we are on schedule, almost done, and we’re thrilled with the results. Our neighbors, who have witnessed a number of renovations in our sub-division, keep telling us how impressed they are with our renovation team. We attribute the success of the project to Michael and Natalie who have managed the entire process. At the beginning of the process, they put us in touch with a designer and provided helpful advice throughout the design process, took care of the permitting process, prepared a detailed cost estimate, and made numerous recommendations on materials and potential upgrades.

As the project has progressed, Natalie regularly keeps on top of the construction schedule, provides us regular updates, coordinates with the subs, and keeps tabs on expenditures and the budget and interfaces with us on contracting with and paying the subs. She also looks for products and materials in keeping with the look we’re going for, and gently let us know when we’re about to do something stupid. Michael has assembled and manages a great team of sub-contractors and is a tremendous resource on all aspects of the renovation; he treats the house like it’s his own and has helped ensure we’re getting good quality and craftsmanship for our renovation bucks.

Both Michael and Natalie are regularly at the site and in frequent phone and email contact and are always available to answer our questions and make suggestions. We also have found Managed Renovations’ approach ideal in that there is complete transparency with the costs and a great deal of flexibility about project scope but we have none of the hassle associated with managing the project. Both Michael and Natalie are highly organized and detail-oriented so we don’t have to worry that something is being forgotten or overlooked. I never expected our renovation project to go so seamlessly, to be this stress and conflict free, and to come together so quickly. Michael and Natalie have this down to a science, and are a delight to work with.”

— Laura and Duncan F.
Garrett Park Estates, MD

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