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Less Cost, Less Risk,
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Managed Renovations Personalized Building and Design

Less cost, less risk, and more control!

Managed Renovations offers its clients personalized design and building services for major renovation, remodeling or new home construction projects. By enabling its clients to choose any level of involvement with the project, Managed Renovations differentiates its services from those provided by typical general contractor and design/build firms.

From translating design ideas and dreams into construction plans to managing the complete project building process, the unique Managed Renovations approach allows its clients to design and build for less cost, at less risk, and with much more control. Managed Renovations can either translate a client’s design objectives into a complete set of construction plans or work with the client’s own previously completed construction plans.

To build the project from those plans, Managed Renovations provides its clients with professional construction management services. These services empower the client to act as their own general contractor (GC) in fact, but don’t require them to act as a GC in function. Instead Managed Renovations connects its clients with qualified, experienced, licensed, and insured subcontractors and tradesmen who will provide the knowledge, ability, and resources to renovate and/or add new space to their home (or even to build a new home). In addition, Managed Renovations creates and provides the contractual agreements between the client and subcontractors/tradesmen which include job-specific statements of work, payment milestones, etc.

Finally, using a client accessible web-based software construction scheduling tool Managed Renovations schedules and then manages (on site) all of the contracted subcontractors and tradesmen to work on and complete projects for clients. These unique construction management services allow Managed Renovations clients to achieve the value proposition of less cost, less risk, and control vs. a typical general contractor engagement. Specifically.

Managed Renovations clients:

  • Incur less cost because they pay a fixed fee based on the direct costs of the project (“direct costs” are the actual wholesale costs paid for materials and the contract costs for the subcontractors/tradesmen). That fixed fee is typically significantly less than the mark-up charged by general contractors for a fixed-cost project.
  • Take on less risk because they don’t have to pay a GC 25% to 30% of their total project cost up front at contract signing, as most GC’s require. Instead, they pay their subcontractors and tradesmen only when they start their work and as they complete their task milestones.
  • Have more control since they can select their level of involvement with the management of the project (anywhere from just making the necessary fixture and materials selections and making payments when project milestones are successfully completed to actively managing certain project tasks to reduce project management costs if they so desire). Additionally, clients have more control because the subcontractors and tradesmen are contracted directly to them and can be replaced in the rare case that job performance is unsatisfactory, which is not possible when clients have hired a GC for their project.

Also critical is the advantage that Managed Renovations clients have to control the costs and other collateral effects of potentially expensive “change orders” which often come up during a construction project. A client under contract to a GC has little recourse but to pay whatever the GC demands to complete a change order, but Managed Renovations clients have control over their project and can choose alternative solutions if a subcontractor’s proposed change order cost is too high or cannot meet the project’s schedule.

The unique, personalized Managed Renovations design and building approach is less costly, less risky, and more controlled…that’s why a Managed Renovations project is the better way to build!

Managed Renovations
Personalized Building and Design